On July 2-5 2019 PT Aroma Prima Livindo participated actively in the 2019 Cosmetic & Traditional Medicine Exhibition which is located in the Plasa Industri Ministry of Industry Jakarta. This event is held annually by the Ministry of Industry and collaborates with three associations namely the Indonesian Cosmetics Company Association (Perkosmi), the Association of Companies and the Indonesian Cosmetics Association (PPAK), and the Association of Entrepreneurs (GP) Jamu; as an effort to introduce Indonesian mainstay cosmetic products and traditional medicines to the community.

The opening ceremony was held on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at the Garuda Room 2nd Floor of the Ministry of Industry, and was officially opened by the Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto, marked by the beating of the gong which was also witnessed by the general chairman of each association, namely Sancoyo Antarikso (Perkosmi), Putri K Wardhani (PPAK), and Dwi Ranny Pertiwi Zarman (GP Jamu). The Minister of Industry in his speech said that the cosmetics and traditional medicine industry in Indonesia is a fairly large and promising market for producers along with the increasing population.

After officially opening, the Minister of Industry toured several booths at the exhibition site accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Industry and the Chairperson of each association. The Minister of Industry emphasized that in the industrial era 4.0 was an era of digital transformation which would create new added value in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and traditional medicine industries. The use of technology that starts from the production and distribution process to the consumer level provides new opportunities to increase competitiveness.

At the four-day exhibition PT Aroma Prima Livindo participated by opening booths and carrying out mainstay perfume products, including Morris Flowers, Morris Robots, Morabito, Cressus, Xchange, Morris Pomade, Morris Deodorant Roll On, and also introducing products new, Morris Teen, Morris Tropical, and Djeng Ayu Kemiri Oil. Enthusiastic visitors at the PT Aroma Prima Livindo stand were quite good, as evidenced by the many visitors who bought reliable perfume products which they certainly knew through several modern market outlets, traditional cosmetics stores, and of course television advertisements.

The most popular products during the exhibition were Morris Flowers, Morris Robots, Morabito Onyx, Cressus Sparkling, Cressus Off Road, Xtravaganza Xchange, and also new products such as Morris Tropical and Morris Teen. Some booth visitors said that the aroma of the new Morris Tropical product is very fresh and up-to-date, especially the Romance, Marine, Paradise variants. With an exclusive bottle design and a refreshing aroma that is typical of tropical, this product is practically carried everywhere in a bag and is suitable for hot weather typical of the tropics.

Seeing the enthusiasm of visitors during the exhibition, PT Aroma Prima Livindo is determined to continue to participate in exhibition events, both local and foreign, in order to get closer to consumers / end users and provide attractive promos during the event. Thus the product of PT Aroma Prima Livindo will be increasingly known to the public and it is expected that product distribution will be more evenly distributed nationally and internationally.