This time PT Aroma Prima Livindo again released its new product !, according to our commitment as a perfume company that is always developing following the times, PT Aroma Prima Livindo, with Brand Morris issued a new perfume with a distinctive aroma, namely MORRIS TROPICAL EDITION EDP 110ml.

Yep this time, Morris Tropical Edition comes with 110ml packaging, more contents and of course with more competitive prices. Morris Tropical Edition comes with Eau De Parfum quality, so it can be used everyday with the endurance of 6-8 hours.
110ml Morris Tropical Edition, comes with 6 variants, with a distinctive torque climate. Fragrant of the six variants of the 110ml Morris Tropical Edition, of course, present with the present fragrance. For millennials, we must try perfume from us, let’s discuss one one.

First there is the 110ml Morris Tropical Romance, with a blend of sweet scents from fruits and exciting fragrance, appearing in pink, Morris Tropical Romance can increase our enthusiasm for daily activities.

The second is Morris Tropical Paradise 110ml, with a blend of sweet vanilla and soothing flower scents, with purple helping us calm down and relax facing challenges every day. Suitable for use during casual meetings with friends or partners.

Third, Morris Tropical Floral 110ml, comes with the dominant color red, giving a fragrant blend of fragrance of flowers and refreshing fruits. This edition is perfect for refreshing your day after effectiveness.

Fourth, Morris Tropical Fruity 100ml, with a blend of aroma of typical tropical fruits, perfect for starting your day energetically and staying upbeat. Comes with a dominant peach color.

The fifth is Morris Tropical Marine 110ml, comes with a combination of floral scents and the distinctive aroma of the sea as well as a very pleasant beach, after using this you definitely feel you’re on holiday every day, can help our mood work!

Now the sixth last is Morris Tropical Nature 100ml, the smell is a combination of the aroma of fruits and green floral which is very soothing, with the dominant color of Tosca, the fragrance makes us feel cool in the tropical weather.

So, what are you waiting for, can be immediately ordered in all marketplace right now