PT AROMA PRIMA LIVINDO participated in the Beauty West Africa event which was held at The Landmark Center, Lagos, Nigeria. The event took place from November 20-22, 2019. In this largest beauty & personal care exhibition event in West Africa, PT Aroma Prima Livindo joined the Indonesia Pavilion under the coordination of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) in Lagos, along with 3 other Indonesian companies.

Nigeria is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, which is around 200 million people, and is the most densely populated country on the African continent, and number 7 in the world. With this population, Nigeria has become one of the countries with promising target markets, especially in Africa. Even the government has several times given directions that the African market must continue to be worked on and become one of the target countries for Indonesia’s export destinations.

For this reason, PT Aroma Prima Livindo made Africa, and Nigeria in particular, a distribution target for its perfume products in 2020. By producing international quality perfumes and affordable prices, Nigeria is the right target country. It was proven in the Beauty West Africa 2019 exhibition that lasted 3 days, many distributors, importers and retailers visited the booth of PT Aroma Prima Livindo, and were interested in marketing their perfume products.

Perfumes with the mainstay brands Morris, Morabito, Xchange, Cressus, Andersen were introduced at the exhibition. Morris as the main brand of PT Aroma Prima Livindo attracts many visitors and they really like the fragrance, especially Morris Tropical. With elegant and modern packaging, as well as fresh and sweet fragrance, this product becomes something that stands out and is different, so that it is liked by many women especially. While the perfume brands Morabito, Xchange, and Andersen also attract many distributors / importers and they believe the product is very suitable to the tastes of the Nigerian market, and is able to compete with similar perfumes on the market.