Whatever type of perfume you buy in a store or online store has a basic ingredient that is ‘the essence of perfume / prickly perfume’, this is what actually makes a variety of scents. The essence of perfume is a combination of essential oils (cedar, lemon / fruity, sandalwood etc.), absolute (jasmine, rose, floral), animal extract (musk, ambergris) and synthetic fragrance.

The essence of perfume is actually not too attractive for many people and in some cases it is actually not interesting at all for some people. Because perfume essence oil is concentrated, it needs to be dissolved and mixed with various other unique combinations of fragrant essence and this is dissolved in alcohol and water.

Perfumes today come in various forms and have many different brands and fragrances, but what we will discuss about the differences between Perfume, Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette, Cologne / Body Mist, here are generally four main categories:

The original perfume that you see in the store is not just pure perfume products. But the type of Perfume is the most concentrated perfume of all choices of fragrance products and generally this is the most expensive type of product offered to prospective consumers. Perfume tends to be slightly more oily / thick and usually contains 20-50% pure perfume extract. Because it has a liquid consistency that is slightly thicker and more oily. Perfume products tend to be sold with ‘bottle stoppers’ / roll on and not bottles with spray / spray caps. Because the nature of the liquid is too thick to spray on the body (too much liquid is released).

But the percentage of pure perfume extract is not necessarily a benchmark in determining the quality of perfume. As mentioned there are many essential oils that you do not want to appear too scented with sting. Some of the original Musky and Ambergris scents do have a high selling price and may be less pleasant / attractive to others, so if per milliliter can significantly increase the price of a perfume product, you might not want to spend more than a drop the classy esenses, but have been mixed with various top and middle note essences and the good quality of the base note on a Perfume product can last for days on sprayed media.

Eau de Perfume / (EDP)
Perfume products of the Eau de Perfume type use the same essence of perfume but are less and more mixed with alcohol and water. This means the aroma is a little lighter and usually does not last long between 5-8 hours, but because many fragrance products sell Eau de Perfume, many consider Eau de Parfume to be better known to consumers. Of course the price varies depending on the quality of the esenses used. Usually there will be 10-20% perfume essence on Eau de Perfume products. This perfume is sold in spray bottles / spray, use perfume on the body that is free of sweat when after bathing so that the fragrance lasts longer.

Eau de Toilette
The difference between Perfume, Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette, Cologne / Body Mist is furthermore that the Eau de Toilette fragrance is still lighter and usually sold in spray bottles. The light makes it more suitable to be sprayed more freely, a high alcohol content means it won’t last long. Generally this version is the most recommended for daily use because fragrance is less concentrated and can last 3-5 hours. Usually there will be 4-15% pure essence of perfume on the type of Eau de Toilette.

Eau de Cologne / Cologne
Cologne stands for ‘eau de Cologne’ and is the French word for the city of Cologne where certain aromas were first traded for Europe from that city, so in medieval times it was called fragrance oil from Cologne. There are certain fragrance blends that fall into this particular category of ‘eau de cologne’, which is very light, fruity fresh and contains essential oils, such as lemon, bergamot, orange. Eau de Cologne also contains floral essential oils such as lavender, jasmine and roses.

But recent developments, Eau de Cologne or Cologne are also used to determine the lightest perfume version like the type of Body-mist. Usually uses only 2-5% essence of perfume. Although this is rarely used in expensive types of perfume, besides that Eau de Cologne tends to be more popular with teenagers and people who don’t want to spend more on budged to enjoy 1-2 hours of perfume.
Hopefully this article The difference between Perfume, Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette, Cologne / Body Mist can determine your needs for fragrance oils that are suitable and budged. PT. Aroma Prima Livindo always strives to improve quality and quantity for the needs of consumers in Indonesia and parts of Asia, by presenting quality, attractive and in line with perfume products.