Xchange Femme Lovely Miracle 105 mL - PT. Aroma Prima Livindo


Xchange Femme Lovely Miracle offers a scent presented by PT. Aroma Prima Livindo with a distinctive fragrance and ready to accompany your days full of a myriad of activities. Present in bottle packaging with an elegant and attractive design.

Xchange Femme Lovely Miracle Is a perfume that will refresh your aroma. Formulated with aromas from Bergamot, Mandarin, Peach, Fresia, Rose, Vanilla, Musk, Lychee, Peony and Apricot, so that it refreshes and adds to your confidence. You can use it every day, every time. To accompany you to go to work, vacation or just gather with colleagues. Complete your day with the aroma of Morris Perfume. Xchange Femme Lovely Miracle for women is available in 105ml sizes.

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Weight 400.0 g


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