Every time you buy perfume, have you ever observed the writing on the bottle? Usually there will be the writing Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne. But do you know the meaning and difference of these types of fragrances?
According to information quoted from the Scoopwhoop page, Tuesday (18/10), the main differences in perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne are the levels of essential oils in them. This essential oil greatly affects the aroma and how long the fragrance sticks to our body.

More about the differences in perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne, we discuss one by one.


  1. Perfume

Perfumes have the highest and most refined concentrations among other fragrances. The contents of essential oils in perfumes are the strongest because they consist of 40% essential oils or fragrance ingredients concentrates. No wonder there are perfumes priced at very high prices. The more content of essential oil in perfume, the more fragrant it will last. A little spread at certain points, for example behind the ear, the aroma can last up to six to eight hours and does not quickly evaporate.


  1. Eau De Parfum.

Unlike Eau de Parfum which contains fewer essential oils, with concentrations of around 15%. Thus the fragrance lasts for 6-8 hours. But the aroma is still as attractive as perfume, only the price is more affordable than perfume. Types of Eau de Perfume suitable for activities all day. You can directly visit www.livindo.co.id for more information


  1. Eau de Toilette.

This type of fragrance has a lighter and refreshing aroma. Eau de Toilette has a high alcohol content with a fragrance ingredient concentrate around 10%. Usually present in the form of spray at an affordable price. This type is suitable for warm climates and an atmosphere that does not take long because it only lasts about 3-4 hours.


  1. Eau de Cologne atau Cologne.

Cologne only contains 5% perfume ingredients. But with the highest water and alcohol content compared to the other three groups. The scent evaporates faster so it can only last around 4-6 hours so it must be applied repeatedly. EDC on the market is commonly known as Body Mist, Body Spray or Body Splash.