Formerly perfume or perfume oil was only used by dignitaries in religious ritual events in ancient Egypt, until its development in medieval times precisely in France began to be used as fragrance oil for the general aristocratic class.
Some fragrances from Perfume products can indirectly show the character of someone who uses it. Not a few people look for perfumes that are appropriate or represent their nature. Are you still confused about what kind of perfume suits your character? As a guide so as not to mistakenly choose perfume, you may take the time to see how to choose perfume according to the following characters and personalities.

Cheerful, Energetic, and Youthful Personality
If you are a passionate, young and energetic person, try a Perfume with a top note, the aroma of sweet and fresh fruits will be in harmony with your character. Even though it has a strong fragrance and features youthfulness compared to musky or woody scents, the fruity aroma can show the wearer’s modern and cheerful side.

Sporty and Casual Personality
Perfumes that have a soothing aroma as well as refreshing like the smell of grassy or freshly cut leaves or the smell of fresh air / ozone will be the right choice for men and women who have this sporty and casual style. This is because it is synonymous with a natural, fresh, and free atmosphere. You can choose perfumes scented with Petitgrain, Ivy leaf, Galbanum, Rhubarb, and Watermelon. These perfumes are suitable for those of you who don’t like to be the center of attention, but the top-middle note aroma that is released is very soft, cool and attractive.

Classic personality, femininity and romance
For you women and men who like calm, feminine, romantic, and classic things, they can choose floral perfumes like Lily, Magnolia, Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose, and so on. Choose perfume with a floral note top note according to the personality of each fragrance that will greatly spoil the body and relax.

Who Always Wants to Look Luxurious and Warm
Perfume with top-note Woody aroma or exclusive spices can be the right choice for those of you who always want to look masculine, elegant and classy. Woody scents like Sandalwood, Patchouli, Orange, Oakwood, Vetiver, and Cedarwood can be chosen. These scents have a distinctive fragrance and are able to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for the wearer. Woody scent perfume is also a perfect choice for people who are optimistic and have lots of interactions with others.

Perfectionist and Decisive Personality
For those of you who lead to always look perfect, pay attention to every detail, and have a firm personality, the top-middle note perfume that smells of a mixture of fresh and strong Mint and Patchouli can be the right choice. In addition, perfectionists can also choose perfumes with a mixture of fragrant aroma Woody and Florish / Fruity. The aroma produced will create your strong, firm and authoritative character.

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