PT. Aroma Morrisindo was founded in 2000, which focuses on the business of distributing fragrances / International perfumes to retail stores throughout Indonesia. The company in it’s development, was later inspired to expand its business, rather than just selling and distributing international brands, they have now decided to make Indonesian brands with high quality and affordable prices. With the experience handling hundreds of international brands, in 2004 the company decided to create the brand ‘MORRIS’.

Because of the high market demand, the company decided to open its own factory located in the area of Dadap Industry in Tangerang 2007, and decided to change the name to PT. AROMA PRIMA LIVINDO. This company is slowly becoming a reliable producer, through a continuous process of innovation.

Throughout it’s journey, PT. Aroma Prima Livindo has distributed its products nationally through both traditional trade networks and modern market networks for sales in their respective regions. As for the international market, the company has distributed its products to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Madagascar, Singapore and several Middle Eastern countries.

PT. Aroma Prima Livindo continues to improvise, innovate and create to produce a strong ‘brand’ image of good quality products according to people’s needs and customer satisfaction.

PT. Aroma Prima Livindo has committed to become one of the leading cosmetics companies in terms of innovation, quality, sales and service.

PT. Aroma Prima Livindo only produces high-quality goods at competitive prices and to provide satisfaction and make customers feel comfortable using our products.