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How to Choose Perfumes in accordance with character and personality

Formerly perfume or perfume oil was only used by dignitaries in religious ritual events in ancient Egypt, until its development in medieval times precisely in France began to be used as fragrance oil for the general aristocratic class. Some fragrances from Perfume products can indirectly show the character of someone […]

The difference between Perfume, Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette, Cologne, and Body Mist

Whatever type of perfume you buy in a store or online store has a basic ingredient that is ‘the essence of perfume / prickly perfume’, this is what actually makes a variety of scents. The essence of perfume is a combination of essential oils (cedar, lemon / fruity, sandalwood etc.), […]

List of General Perfume Materials from A to Y

How much can you use the ingredients of the perfume you use? If you never ask, “What is oud?” We hope you will enjoy and add insight into the glossary of fragrance and aromatherapy ingredients that are often used in the Perfume and Toiletries industry. Agrumen The fragrance of the […]